Replacing Alpine CDE-133Bt with new Pioneer Stereo, how to connect the cables?

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Replacing Alpine CDE-133Bt with new Pioneer Stereo, how to connect the cables?

Beitrag von sergiosardo » 01 Apr 2019, 13:02

Hello dear LR colleagues!

been doing a little investigating about the standard Alpine CDE-133BT stereo in my 2012 110 Defender, as I have replace the head unit with a Pioner AVH z7100dab, however, i am having a tough time connecting the OEM Alpine Subwoofer (SWE-1200), i originally thought I would have RCA cables and therefore a simple connection. Could somebody advise what cables should I swap between ISO connections?

The head unit, as we all probably know by now, is the Alpine CDE-133BT.

Specifications: ... /cde-133bt Manual: ... 3BT_EN.pdf

The subwoofer appears to be connected to the head units Via line-in (NOT RCA Cables)

The subwoofer mounted on the back of the console is an Alpine SWE-1200LR ( 8" Powered Subwoofer ).

Specifications: ... 5/swe-1200 Manuals: ... 200_EN.pdf ... 200_EN.pdf

The external amplifier module is contained inside the "LR" model mounting/housing ( which is detachable via 4 counter sunk screws). This makes the LR model thicker than the retail version. The only other difference is the lack of external wired remote ( the remote port is wired into a small pcb the function of which I can not determine ). The whole subwoofer assembly is bolted to the back of the console with 4 nyloc nuts, accessible from inside the console.

Because the Alpine stereo ran its useful life, I am replacing it with a Pionner AVH-Z7100.

Specs: ... ab/support