Series III overdrive & Freewheeling hubs

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Series III overdrive & Freewheeling hubs

Beitrag von Audiodruid » 06 Mär 2018, 21:02

On the look out for
An overdrive &
Freewheeling hubs

I would consider units that need to be rebuilt if the price is right .

Thanks folks

Happy driving
Take care out there

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Re: Series III overdrive & Freewheeling hubs

Beitrag von Cornholio » 26 Mär 2018, 16:09

Hi Simon,

There is currently a Fairy OD for sale on eBay (26.03.18) ... SwkhNaoCcC

... but having had a few of these units, they are noisy... even the quiet ones... and they prone to mainshaft / clutch sleeve failure = no forward motion.

For the price the seller is asking, I'd go for a Roamerdrive. I've had one on a 200Tdi Series 3 and just installed one on my 2a. Very quiet and bomb proof.

Can't help with the FWHs

Let us know how you get on

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Re: Series III overdrive & Freewheeling hubs

Beitrag von jkhackney » 28 Mär 2018, 11:20

Hi Simon,

I have a surplus set of 10-spline freewheeling hubs from Selectro which fit on S1 and S2.

Do you have 24 or 10 spline axle shafts on the S3?

Jeremy (Interlaken)