Help to find history of Swiss LR Stage One

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Vehicle 1: Land Rover Stage One

Help to find history of Swiss LR Stage One

Beitrag von Mats » 09 Apr 2022, 19:34

Hi Land Rover Club of Switzerland !
I am the happy owner of a Land Rover Stage One that was shipped to British Leyland Switzerland in Dec 1982. My hope is that someone here may know anything of the cars histrory. I am a member of Swedish Land Rover Club of course ;)

It's a Pastel green station wagon but it has been used as a recovery truck with a towing winch sticking out from the back. It had trailer coupling with airbrakes (compressor on the V8) and power steering. I am sure it has helped a lot of people getting stuck in the Swiss alps !

The car was sold to Urs Stiegler at Landypoint in Munich and became German since then (2000?). I bought if after 3 owners in Munich (it still has some advert on doors from being used by vintage store).

I would love any insights on the cars history and ideally hear some stories from Swiss owners !

I drive it daily. Pls let me know if you know anything about the car or if there are ways to find information from government registers etc.

It's seems hard to enclose images ? I will see if I can get it to 300kB

Best Regards,